And if it gets the right support from the IoT technology

One can add the results of Union Bank also I am expecting better numbers from Union Bank, but it will be very interesting to keep an eye on the Bank of Baroda because the kind of hopes they have given while Q3 numbers may be in the analyst call or concall or the post results conference where they have given that everything is behind them and if that kind of indication is seen coming in from the other banks also in the bigger one the names of which I have just stated then probably one can look to be a selective buyer but otherwise looking to the results declared till now of 12 banks, I won be taking a buying call on the PSU Bank even at this stage.Anuj: Today of course we have seen Crompton Consumer do well, Crompton Greaves on the other hand has fallen a bit, but from here on how would you compare Crompton and Havells and where do you think investors can make more money?A: It is not correct to compare Crompton Greaves Consumer Electrical and Havells because if you see Havells is on a growth trajectory, cash surplus company showing good performance in their core business and on the other hand Crompton Greaves Consumer Electrical is showing a declining trend. Actually I stated yesterday also if you see their first half results which was reported by Crompton Greaves along with their consolidated number and if you see the Q3 numbers, Q3 numbers is showing a complete decline in the margin and with the flat top line. In fact, margin has fallen by about 270 280 basis point and if you go by the expected earnings for FY17, I don think that it is likely to be more than Rs 4 per share because I am calculating that on 62 crore shares outstanding, the similar amounts of number which Crompton Greaves has, so I don think that this will be a right way of taking a comparison and giving a PE multiple of 33 34 times and that to when the company was hived off in the middle of April or April 15 if I am not mistaken.

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