(but) still, risks probably remain to the downside

Think the most important is to figure out your goal, like what is your potential. Do you really practice? Can you really allow yourself to be disappointed if you do not practice? If you really want to get better, you have to practice, I suggest practicing 120 feet and in, nothing above speed 5.well do you focus? Do you really concentrate and try hard enough in order for you be disappointed in yourself? Ask yourself how much you want it, and if you do enough!The_Real_SF 5 points submitted 2 days agoPurples are the highest drop in the Survival game. Greens do not exist in Survival and Gold must be crafted at the mid to end game.Players all start with only a pistol and you must avoid the cold and move to a central objective whilst competing for resources like weapons and attachments and clothes.It is, hands down, the best mode in The Division and arguably the best form of Battle Royale (imo).

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