Further tax cut announcements are tipped for the Budget

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Replica Bags Wholesale It will be the last Budget before the next federal election due before May 18 next year and expert opinion is divided over whether we can expect a traditional big spending election Budget or restraint to display good economic management.Treasurer Scott Morrison set the scene for tax relief last month by announcing the government would scrap plans to increase the Medicare Levy from 2 to 2.5 per cent.Further tax cut announcements are tipped for the Budget, along with increased infrastructure spending and extra funding for aged care.Pietra and Mark Pizzino with children Calel, Ara and Winter. Photo: Nick ClaytonSource:News Corp AustraliaAMP Capital chief luxury replica bags economist Shane Oliver said going to be a feel good Budget boosted by recent government revenue rises from higher company tax collections.numbers will look better and we will have tax cuts, which will be skewed towards low and middle income earners, he said.The timing of the tax cuts was uncertain, Dr Oliver said, and might be held back until closer to the election perhaps January next year.However, don expect much more than $10 or $20 a week because the Government remains committed spending less than it earns by 2020 21 after a record long streak of Budget deficits since the Global Financial Crisis.Dr Oliver tipped extra funding for health and education. There will probably be an increase in funding for financial regulators, particularly ASIC, given the (banking) royal commission, he said.Treasurer Scott Morrison will unveil the Budget on Tuesday night. Replica Bags Wholesale

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