Marvel then dug through the trash and rescued a rejected pitch

Second, pricing pressure in the US market, the world largest for generics, due to channel consolidation and intensifying competition with more generic entrants. Third, the US election year didn help matters as generic drug pricing attracted greater scrutiny of lawmakers and government. Fourth, currency weakness across emerging markets, particularly oil exporters such as Venezuela, Russia and Nigeria, making Indian exports less attractive.Last but certainly not least was the turbulence in the domestic market, with the government banning hundreds of fixed dose combinations and capping the prices of hundreds of formulations listed under National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) in order to make life saving drugs affordable in a country where health care is largely paid for by the patient, out of pocket.Some large cap stocks, of course, had run up too much last year and underwent a correction in 2016.The top five performing pharma stocks in 2016.Interestingly, none of the large cap pharma stocks figure in top 5 pharma stocks of the year.

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