Ron only passengered with me and had three rides with Adrian

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cheap adidas This makesthe solder bondto both the component and the circuit board.Tools I used liquid solder flux, solder, and a fine top soldering iron.Basically you wet the PCB metal pads with the flux, melt some solder on the iron, then whilst holding the component in place with your finger or tweezers, touch the iron tothe jointand the solder flows onto it. I did a few at a bit of an angle by mistake, and it meant the matrix modules didn clip together as well, so I had to go back and re do them.Make sure the pins around the edge are at 90 degreesto the PCB, or the boards don clip together well.Once each matrix was built, I tested it using the demo program availablefromthe matrix product page on ICStation website. I also put this program in the download with my clock code cheap adidas.

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