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Bantam KingThe name tells you what you need to know about this spirited spinoff of the sleek Daikaya around the corner: Chicken goes into most of the bowls of thin Sapporo made noodles and steamy broth (take your pick between milky or clear, then a salty base note). If there’s any doubt ramen isn’t world class fast food, a slurp of shoyu paitan chef de cuisine Kristian Felix’s pet, bold with Japanese soy sauce slaps it down. A seat in the dining room finds you facing a wall festooned with lunch trays; a stool at the kitchen counter coaches you on the Japanese alphabet, by way of a chart.

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purse replica handbags Five women told CNN they were compelled to share their stories after a Pakistani woman’s account of being sexually abused at the Hajj went viral on Facebook last month. That post (since deleted) prompted an outpouring of similar stories from female pilgrims on social media.The Hajj is a spiritual pinnacle for Muslims around the world, with up to three million pilgrims traveling to Mecca to participate each year. In 2016, almost 42% of all worshipers were women. purse replica handbags

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