When owners do their own alterations

What quickly developed was the to Houston Holiday Gift Drive, a program that intends to deliver a caravan of Christmas gifts to students at Evan E. Worthing High School in Houston right around Christmas. The program goal is to assure that every student at Worthing High receives at least one Christmas gift this year..

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canada goose outlet store Even if we are successful in recovering the costs, the stress and disruption this has caused to all of the owners and council is not worth it.We definitely support the position that common property is owned by everyone, everyone shares in the responsibility and no one should be entitled to alter the area for their own benefit at the risk of the owners.Frederick W., KelownaDear Frederick: canada goose outlet shop Owners should not be permitted to alter common property without the close scrutiny and supervision of the strata council.If an owner wishes to make canada goose outlet authentic an alteration to the common property or a common asset, the first discussion/request to council needs to include, not only a detail of the scope of the alteration, but a clear understanding of who is going to perform canada goose outlet las vegas the alteration.The natural tendency of owners is to take short cuts and reduce costs wherever possible. I am yet to find an owner who chooses the best contractor over the cheapest.Over the years, I have spoken to many councils facing obstinate owners who believe they have the right to convert a window to a door, install a skylight, enclose canada goose factory outlet vancouver a balcony or remove structural walls within their units. When owners do their own alterations, it ultimately results in a canada goose outlet us failure to meet building codes, numerous WorkSafe violations, reduced or comprised standards of construction, hidden errors or modifications, and Cheap canada goose a canada goose outlet online reviews lack of accurate reporting to the canada goose outlet uk fake strata corporation of what was done.Owners may still request alterations to common property; however, the best solution and protection for the strata corporation and your owners canada goose kensington parka uk is to insist the consultant and contractor must be selected or previously approved by the strata corporation before any construction begins. canada goose outlet store

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